Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back Bay

Z and I went to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge last week. We only saw three other people while we were there but the animals were out taking advantage of the sun too. Grand total: two different kinds of turtles, a mud-covered frog, a red-winged blackbird, a skink, and an otter.

This is Z trying to get a better otter-viewing vantage point.  For a second I thought he was going to jump in and swim after the otter but fortunately he stayed on dry land...or dock.

The turtles were all soaking up the sun with their legs and necks stretched out. 

And there was even a little poetry to accompany the natural wonders.

Practical walking gear is my specialty. 

All in all, a pretty perfect day.


March 17. Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC.


March 16. A blossoming Bradford Pear at the municipal center.


March 15. Z and I went to Back Bay and Sandbridge.


March 13. Z and Z doing some bike work in the front yard.


March 11.  Working on the crossword puzzle with Z.


March 8. When planning a day at the beach, it is advisable to note the wind speed. Beautiful day but being sandblasted gets old quickly!


March 2. Records at the thrift store.

Monday, March 5, 2012


March 1. The weather was beautiful but the motivation was missing so we spent some time sitting in the backyard and then I took pictures of some works in progress.


February 27. Sup, J. Fletcher?


February 26. Tamales!!! Used the sweet potato and black bean recipe from Viva Vegan.


February 25. A nice tall stack of library books, with assorted knitting paraphernalia lurking in the background. Camp Nine, a book I snagged off the new arrivals shelf solely because the cover is beautiful, was so worth reading. I read it in less than 24 hours and then Z read it and we talked about how great it is.


February 24. 15,480 stitches make one successful panel. So relieved to have gotten it right this time!