Sunday, December 2, 2012


A 36 hour trip to D.C. with Z and my parents. A father-daughter Neil Young and Patti Smith concert and the next day playing tourist in a place where I spent some of my formative years. Then the drive home, and a hike with Z the next morning at Back Bay. We took the dune path this time and I loved walking through the trees, the sound and scent of the ocean getting stronger with each step.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Z and I made a quick trip to Fayetteville last week to meet up with his mom and brother.  Not the most novel route for either of us- I've seen those stretches of US-58 and I-95 more times than I can count- but the scenery was beautiful in a stark and kind of depressing way. I was especially interested in all the cotton fields.

From a distance, it looked like a thick blanket of snow covering the fields. I was too nervous to stop and take pictures of private fields but we found some cotton connected to an agricultural college just as it started to rain. After I took this picture, I turned around to see Z picking up an uprooted stalk and stowing it carefully in the back of the car. He is a born scavenger.

My mom was surprisingly excited about our souvenir and it's been prominently displayed on the stairs since we got back. It's a beautiful plant that sparks a lot of contemplation for me. Beautiful and useful, with a brutal present and past.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Denver, part 1

Denver, Denver.

Z and I took a trip to Denver to visit our friend T. I'm not sure I have the words to describe how much I loved seeing Denver and visiting T. It was all color, love, beauty, and joy. Glowing aspens in the Rockies, a poetry slam in the city.  I'll just stick a few pictures in here and hope that the aspens can convey what I cannot.

I managed to be both inappropriately dressed and inappropriately shod for the mountains. I'll pack better next time...because there will be a next time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


May 20. After going to the markets in San Diego and San Francisco, the one here is a bit of a downer, particularly on a rainy day. But Z got to pet a goat named Poncho, so all is well.


May 19. Good stuff, no junk!


May 18. Flowers at 7 am.


May 16. Same knitting, another favorite dress (okay, they're kind of all my favorite).


May 15. Yet another bike ride around the neighborhood on my girl Lisette.


May 14. My knitting, getting tangled, and one of my favorite dresses.


May 13. Made some vegan, gluten-free doughnuts for Mother's Day.


May 10. Waiting for printouts with Z.


May 7. Bike ride, sunshine, green things!


May 5. Lil Z's birthday so we went to Cogan's for some vegan 'za. Confirmed my suspicion that I do not miss cheese and I do not want a vegan version of it. Good crust, sauce, and toppings are enough for me!


May 4. Brothers-in-law. "Dude, walk on my back." "Okay!"


May 3. Got out of work early but I had to stick around to pick up Z so I ended up trying on impractical dresses at the thrift store. This one was vintage and really cute but how often am I going to wear a black velvet dress?


May 2. Z had an eligibility swim for his lifeguard certification, so I dropped him off at the rec center and headed to the library.


April 30. Sunflowers.


April 29. Young Z at work.


April 27. A shiny secondhand tank top underneath a book about sustainable fashion. I suggested the library buy this book and they did! So I got to read it and now hopefully more people will too.


April 26. I know that sock looks improbably long but I swear it fits Z. Also I love the print on that skirt (and the fact that I got it for $1.50).


April 25. Matching badges! My picture is from 2008, when I first worked at this particular unnamed place.


April 23. Stormy!


April 22. I'm not sure what the other polarizing issues are, but I do hope this book reveals where Jesus stands on Pop Tart versus Toaster Strudel.


April 21. Bridesmaid dress shopping. By the end of the day, I'd tried on 50 dresses and a romper.


April 19. Pretty clematis in the backyard.


April 17. Most colorful bit of the neighborhood.


April 16. Sock progress (it was more appealing than the picture I took of Z's potato curry).


April 15. Started my first sock.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


April 14. So pretty and peaceful.


April 13. Waiting at the bar for our Indian food to go. A delicious way to end the work week.


April 10. Colors!


April 9. Z and I like to go for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner. I love seeing all the signs of spring.


April 7. After almost three hours of putting out mulch (how do my parents do this every year?), I was ready for some serious armchair time.


April 6. Getting ready to mulch.


April 5. Lunch break!


April 4. Two Z's, one intro to dubstep.