Friday, February 24, 2012


February 23. 70 degrees and sunny! Z carefully bungeed the bikes into the minivan and I drove us to the oceanfront so we could ride on the bike path next to the boardwalk. The weather was beautiful, the driving was extremely stressful. I'm really hoping our next move takes us somewhere with awesome public transportation!


February 22. A new Goodwill opened recently so Z and I went to check it out. We did make a purchase, but it was not a figurine of a cat in a basket of yarn balls. Our choice was much more sophisticated- a set of four mugs, each celebrating a different kind of whale.


February 21. Spent an hour and a half at the DMV midday and then went to a new-to-us branch of the library in the afternoon. Checked out a stack of knitting reference books...hoping to work out a design or two sometime this year.


February 20. Forgot it was a holiday and decided to take Z to the grocery and thrift stores (looking for buns and blazers, he was successful on both counts). Here he is flexing those good thrifting muscles...being able to flip quickly through racks of clothing while keeping a sharp watch for garishly printed shirts is a well-honed skill.


February 19. My first try was unsalvageable so I started over. I did feel a tiny bit defeated when I realized I had to knit 15,480 stitches again but this panel is going to be part of a final project for someone's MFA and it has to be right!


February 15.  Great Dismal Swamp! Not very swampy at this time of year but we saw a lot of deer and some butterflies and birds. Very, very pretty in a brown and thorny way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


February 14. Valentine's Day presents for Z and me from my mom. I'm not overly concerned with Valentine's Day but I do love the explosion of red and pink that accompanies it.


February 13. Checking out some paint options for a project my mom has in mind.


February 12. Snow! Sort of.


February 11. Hit up two Asian grocery stores looking for just the right noodles to recreate our beloved pad see ew. Z and I made it for dinner and it was amazing.


February 10. Ran some errands with my dad and got some movies from Redbox. This year in pictures thing is making me kind of bummed about my lack of fun activities!


February 9. You know I'm desperate to get out of the house when I jump at the chance to join Mom on her trip to Sam's.


February 8. A late-night trip to the Central Library with my brother and Z (I love that it's open until 9!). After stocking up on totally highbrow literature, we grabbed some equally sophisticated dinner in the form of Li'l Caesars pizza.


February 7: Still getting over a cold, went for a quick trip to 7-11 with my brother. I love the bold design statement of his seat covers. Apparently they were crucial during his pizza delivery days.


February 6: Dad took Z and me to the Social Security office to apply for replacement cards and then...he took me out for some sweet driving and parking practice. Note the empty Powerade bottle- when I was struggling to visualize how much space the van takes up, he found some trash to prove to me I wasn't going over the line. Love my dad.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Awesome mail today! This envelope is from a third cousin I've never went from New York to San Francisco, where the new occupant of my old apartment tried three times to get it to me. It finally arrived yesterday and was well worth the wait since it contained a lot of great family information and photos.


A frustrating and dangerous bike ride followed by a frustrating and less dangerous attempt at making friendship bracelets. I just have to accept that I don't know how to do any summer camp things: can't ride a horse, can't make a friendship bracelet, can' volleyball?